Our vision is for the City of St. Louis to be an aging-friendly city where older residents can age in the home and neighborhood that best serves their needs and interests.

We support this vision by providing grants to local organizations in several focus areas. ┬áNeeds assessment data obtained from older adults and senior service providers in 2014 & 2015 were used to inform the Senior Fund’s initial focus areas: fall prevention, homemaker chore services, social isolation, and economic security. Additional funding priorities and opportunities will be added over time.

In July 2019, we issued grants to 24 organizations. Seventeen organizations received grant renewals for a second year of funding focused on fall prevention or economic security. Nine organizations received their first year of funding focused on social isolation or homemaker chore services. These grants support programs and services for residents living in the City of St. Louis who are 60 years or older. Click HERE for a list of organizations currently receiving funding.