Senior Fund Contributes $50,450 to Regional 2020 Census Outreach Fund

St. Louis City Senior Fund joined 10 local funders to pool funding for 2020 Census education and outreach in the City of St. Louis and surrounding areas as a member of the St. Louis Regional Census Fund.

Many community-based programs and essential services rely on Census data to determine funding allocations and programmatic decisions, including many relevant services for older adults. The goal of the Senior Fund’s investment was to ensure older adults and their family members in the City of St. Louis are counted in the 2020 Census. At least one-third of census tracts in St. Louis City have a high concentration of older adults. In addition, there are factors that indicate higher risk of being undercounted or omitted for many tracts (e.g., percentage of residents without internet). This effort aims to support a complete and accurate census count through community outreach by organizations residents trust.

In November 2019, the Census funding group granted over $430,000 to provide support to 30 community-based organizations. The Senior Fund contributed $50,450 towards grants either in full or in part that focused on, or included, outreach efforts for St. Louis City older residents.

See which organizations received funding on the St. Louis Community Foundation’s website.