Senior Fund Awards $1.79 Million in New Fund Defined Grants

Proposals from 17 organizations were approved by St. Louis City Senior Fund’s executive board in May and June to receive a total of $1,798,408 for one-year and three-year grants that began July 1; $793,042 in grant awards will be distributed during the fund’s current fiscal year (FY2023).  

Our Fund Defined grant opportunity is funding awarded to address needs of older St. Louis City residents in specific focus areas determined by the Senior Fund executive board based on community feedback and other sources. The new Fund Defined awards that began in July focus on two areas: Homemaker Chore Services and Social Isolation and Loneliness. Organizations could apply for multi-year grants up to three years.

Senior Fund received 38 applications for this funding round for a total of $2.1 million in requests for the first year and $6.5 million in total for three years. The budget for this funding round was $450,000 per year or $1.35 million for three years. Due to slightly higher revenue and lower expenses than budgeted for FY2022, the executive board approved increasing the budgeted amount for awards from the original budget estimate.

Eight organizations were approved for three years of funding support:

  1. Bilingual International Assistant Services (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  2. Center for Hearing and Speech (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  3. Food Outreach (Homemaker Chore)
  4. Jewish Family Services (Homemaker Chore)
  5. LifeWise STL (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  6. Memory Care Home Solutions (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  7. St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation (Homemaker Chore)
  8. St. Francis Community Services (Social Isolation & Loneliness)

Nine organizations were approved to receive one year of funding support:

  1. Cardinal Ritter Senior Services (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  2. Five Star Center (Homemaker Chore)
  3. Independence Center (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  4. Midtown Community Services (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  5. Northside Youth and Senior Service Center (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  6. PEACE Weaving Wholeness (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  7. St. Louis Housing Authority (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  8. Saint Louis University (Social Isolation & Loneliness)
  9. STL Village (Social Isolation & Loneliness)

In addition to these new grant awards, 16 organizations continued into the second or third year of multi-year support. See the full list of organizations supported by Senior Fund on our website.

Funded partners listed above are supported in part by their grant from St. Louis City Senior Fund to serve residents in the City of St. Louis who are 60 years and older. Many organizations listed have additional resources to serve older adults in St. Louis City and other areas of the region.